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Musical Projects 









Duo Astrea 

Adriana Avventini (Harp) e Michele Fracasso (Voice)


...she came between mortal beings, she spread Justice and Goodness, as her mother did before her...”


“Ti parlerò d'amor : Melodie e passioni tra ricordi e terre lontane” / “I will tell you about Love: melodies and passions between memories and distant lands

…. compositions that spread from Irish music to by boat songs, between  composers such as Ravel, Quilter, Debussy, Calthorpe, Schumann, Britten, Tosti, etc





Duo Perspective

Giorgio Dal Monte (Pianoforte,Organ, Harpsichord)

Michele Fracasso (Voice)

Sacred Music

*Organ and Voice: 

“600/900: Sacred music in the XVII and  XX Century”

The XVII century was one of the most revolutionary turning point in the history of music and we can say the same concerning the changing happened at the beginning of XX century.

The meeting of ancient traditions with contemporary evolution show us how the uman sensitivity for beauty and the artistic creation are timeless.

Chamber music

*Piano and Voice. 

“Il Filo di Arianna: ”melody and theatricality of human's soul ” 

(dalla “casa di Asterione” di Borges a Tagore, dialogando con W.Walton, E.Chausson,C.Debussy,  M.Ravel, etc.) / from Borge's Asterione's house talking with W.Walton, .Chausson,C.Debussy,  M.Ravel, etc













Ensemble Dolci Accenti

Reinassance and baroque music - sacred ad profane -

Michele Fracasso (Tenor)

Daniele Cernuto (viola da gamba /voice)

Calogero Sportato (theorbe, spanish guitar, archlute)

Ecce Maria: ghirlanda di mottetti sacri e cantate per voce e b.c.

Occhi vaghi e leggiadri: insalada musicale di danze, ostinati, fantasie et altro, per viola da gamba, arciliuto, chitarra alla spagnola e voce




With extensive training in classical music, Michele teaches his students proper vocal technique so that each student learns to sing with ease and freedom, to attain and experience that magical moment of the totally coordinated vocal instrument. Michele appreciates the necessity for him to present a practical, intelligent approach to teaching the vocal student about his or her vocal instrument so that, with concentrated effort, the student can attain the desired goal of becoming a singer who can sing any style of music with ease and freedom and with their own unique voice. 




I am passionate about giving my students the tools to become knowledgeable musicians, confident, healthy, versatile singers, and expressive human beings. I use a sequential approach to developing the voice that includes aligning the body, releasing physical tension, understanding and awareness of proper inhalation, developing greater breath capacity, breath energy and control, and creating warmth, clarity, freedom and evenness in the tone throughout a wide vocal range. I believe that anyone can sing. However, it takes dedicated, detailed instruction, along with ongoing, mindful practicing to develop beauty, maturity and freedom in the voice. Whether it is vocal pop, musical theatre or 'classical' music, it is a joy for me to share my passion for healthy, expressive singing. 


Voice Type: Tenor-Baritenor

Music Styles Taught: Modern music; Opera;  Early Music; Classical; Musical Theatre

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Michele Fracasso Tenore
Michele Fracasso tenore
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